The Freelance Friday Club

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What's in it for you:

Join The Freelance Friday Club for bi-weekly mastermind + accountability calls, plus receive daily access to support on our private member platform (not to mention, all members get instant access to an entire vault of online business masterclasses on topics like email marketing, launching, and data-driven goal setting). 

Mastermind sessions held Fridays at 12:00pm EST

The Freelance Friday Club is right for you if:

  •  You have one or more paying clients
  • You are experiencing growing pains, need help developing your systems, or are seeking advice, support and feedback in your active business
  • You can commit 1hr+ weekly to actively participate in mastermind and accountability activities

Here's what you can expect from The Club:

✔️ A supportive accountability group

✔️ Bi-weekly live mastermind calls with Latasha

✔️ Weekly coworking sessions

✔️ An on-demand library of business masterclasses

✔️ An open forum for sharing, learning, and socializing

✔️ First access to discounts, beta testing and freebie opportunities

Still not sure if it's for you?

Some of our members are discussing things like:

✔️ Feedback on how to deal with specific client situations

✔️ Video editing techniques and strategies

✔️ Accountability to create a new offer/course/product

✔️ How to start outsourcing/growing their team

✔️ Content creation goals, best practices and tips

✔️ Time and task management advice

✔️ Website and pricing reviews

✔️ How to package, price, and sell your offer(s)


"Transitioning out of the corporate/non profit world is way tougher than it seems, especially when your network *is* your company. FFC helped me gain confidence and community! I went from in-house employee to business owner 💪 Having a network of wonderful people experiencing similar things as me has validated me and helped me feel less alone. I’m not sure I would make the move on my own if I’m completely honest. Having a go-to place for basic question or really complex scenarios has changed my freelance journey entirely!"
- Karen Arreola, Founder,

"I'm a new member of the Freelance Friday Club, but I've already seen so much value come out of it from the past couple months. The biweekly mastermind sessions alone make it worth the cost of membership, and that's not including all of the additional skill-building resources that I get access to throughout the year. The mastermind sessions are a dedicated space to connect with likeminded business owners, and they've given me a huge boost in confidence. It's a space to share recent wins, chat through ideas, ask questions, and vent. The club members I've met so far have all been smart, honest, and genuinely kind people who want to see each other succeed. It's so lovely! I really recommend it for freelancers at any stage of their business journey."
- Madeleine Cruickshank,

"This community has truly given me hope when I didn't know what was next for my business earlier this year. The bi-weekly Friday calls are something I truly look forward to. It's become such a safe space to come as I am, feel accepted, and feel supported. Latasha does such a great job at leading the community and making it extremely valuable at such an affordable cost. When my business slowed down and I had no budget to hire any coaches, the Friday Freelance Club was the one thing that kept pouring into my cup!"
- Kayla Rodriguez, Life and Mindset Coach

About the host:

Hi, I'm Latasha!

I got my start in business as a freelance social media manager. After leaving my comfortable day job, I quickly realized that freelancing was a path towards greater fulfillment, better work-life balance, and yes -- more money.

Since then, I've also found success both as a content creator and online educator, and am ready to share everything I know with you!