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Tired of the same overused,
generic freelancing tips?

Hi, I'm Latasha! And... yeah, me too.

I've spent thousands of dollars on courses, coaching, and masterminds only to be told to spam my ideal clients or add desperate call-to-actions to my Instagram posts. Thanks, but no thanks!

I've spent years scaling two lean, sustainable, profitable businesses. I haven't cut corners with cheap "engagement hacks", I've never taken out a loan for my business, and am still a real, working freelance business owner (aka not just a "coach" who scams their way to profitability!)

Join The Freelance Friday Club to get my secrets to success, a wealth of community resources, and accountability from the most genuine group I've ever encountered. 

Not sure if it's for you?
Here are a few things you'll learn:

✔️ Tips for building and growing an email list
✔️ How and where to find freelance gigs
✔️ Content creation best practices and tips
✔️ Time and task management advice
✔️ Software walkthroughs and demos
✔️ Website and pricing reviews
✔️ How to package, price, and sell your offer(s)

*Plus, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked!
What you're peers are saying...
"This group has surpassed my expectations. Imagine - watching Latasha's YouTube video and getting to ASK her your next question, instead of commenting and hoping she does a video on it next! That's what this was like for me, and already the value is paying off in my business. Thank you, Latasha!"

"Latasha provides valuable lessons and is able to act as a teacher, while still making every person on our mastermind calls feel like we are each important as we add to the conversation. She is a cheerleader, mentor, friend, and strategist! If you're on the fence, invest in yourself, and trust Latasha!"

— Leah
"Latasha is so knowledgeable, articulate and wise! Her expertise is multi-faceted and her Mastermind course was very helpful for anyone within the social media, coaching and/or entrepreneurship space. She keeps it real when offering guidance while also being true to her authentic nature."

— Alyssa
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